IMEI on iPhone – *#06#

Check the all the devices like iPhone, iPad & iPod touch IMEI codes by using this code, in iPad which uses the device’s Wi-Fi only and also supports checking the IMEI code.

Call forwarding when mobile is busy -*#67#

This code uses the call forwarding to another number while the mobile got busy when anyone calls, this option helps in the important calls we can also select the contact which h needs for call forwarding.

Display time or user time – *646#

By this code, we can check how much time we use the mobile and also call durations these options are only available to postpaid customers only, but some operators also provide free details to the users.

Checking the Bill Balance – *225#

To check the bill balance of the mobile this code supports only some telecom operators, only a few operators who don’t support this code. Most of the operators use this code only for postpaid customers.

Checking the Bill Balance – *777#

To check the bill balance of the mobile this code supports only some telecom operators, only a few operators who don’t support this code. Most of the operators use this code only for prepaid customers.

Name cost – *#76#

To check the cost of operators who provided the network to the mobiles, these code uses rarely most of the operator’s display directly.

Association for name forwarding *#21# I

This code uses the help of the call forwarding of the associations which we were selected to call forwarding, not all associations are real, and also fake associations also are there.

user’s information -*3282#

To get the details of the user who is calling and from which location use are calling, we can get all the details by using this code.

Check SMS, Check fax, and more – *#33#

Check the SMS & fax more options details by this code, mostly this code uses to modify the settings of these codes and also to secure the mobile options by checking the code which was used.

Track/take a look at neglected name numbers – *#61#

To track the fraud and unwanted numbers who were calling and advertising calls find the suspicious calls and we can block the numbers are tack and complaint about that numbers.

Call diverts – *#62#

Mostly calls are getting busy and not connected to calls to divert the unwanted numbers and selected numbers we use this type of code is used for apple devices only. The other devices with another operating system use different codes for call divert, we can also contact customer service to activate this type of service.

Improve iPhone sound with EFR mode – *3370#

We can boost the sound by using this code and modifying the DP values of the sound parallel to get more sound from the devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and also devices that use the Wi-Fi network also (which means some devices don’t have the support the telecom network).

Check the SMS Center – *#5005*-7672#

To check the SMS settings like the operator number and some more settings which were used to modify the message like its operator medication or the length of the messages or others.

remote places calling gear -*331*

When we went to remote places where signal strength is weak and we use this code to liberate the iPhone code to call for gear from nearby places. This type of code helps remote places like mountains and villages, & forests, and deserts where the signal strength is weak.

Call waiting for status – *#43#

This type of service uses while busy with other numbers we can check that other numbers who were calling and we can pick another call it is a more important call than the current calls

Field test mode – *3001#12345#*

This mystery code on the smartphone triggers the field to take a look at Mode, which brings you several technical info about your community. That’s now not all even though, as you can also use this code on your iPhone to get a greater granular examine your network’s sign power. The bars are an amazing way to view sign strength however in case you want to know the exact energy, you can use this code to view signal electricity in decibels.

 Hide Caller Id – *31# 

when you have a service unlocked iPhone or a service that helps hide your caller identification, you may use this mystery code to present your caller id as “Unknown” or “No Caller identity”. All you want to do is locate the code that works for your USA, add the cellular range you want to name anonymously, and press the dial button.

Call Barring – *#33# 

call Barring helps you to block all incoming or outgoing calls for your telephone and if you need to check its popularity or enable/disable it on your iPhone, you may use this code. The “pin” right here is the SIM Pin, which is the lock for your SIM card. you may allow it in iPhone Settings->phone->SIM PIN.

 Call line presentation – *#30# 

If the recipient of your calls isn’t capable of viewing your cellular number, there might be a problem together with your number’s Calling Line Presentation. in that case, you can use this code to check if call Line Presentation is enabled or disabled.

Get Local Traffic Information -511 

In a technology wherein you’ve got a ton of pinnacle-notch navigation apps which include Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, and greater always geared up to preserve you within the loop about the site visitors’ statistics, this code would possibly seem useless to many. but I would nonetheless let you know to shop it for the instances wherein you don’t have an internet connection and badly need to get the correct site visitors’ facts to reach your vacation spot without getting caught in jampacked visitors.

View Cellar Data Usage: AT&T: *3282#, T-Mobile: #932#, Verizon: #3282 

You often locate your mobile information strolling out of fuel, then this code would possibly just become your savior. the usage of this code, you can quickly discover the facts usage and burn your plan accordingly so that it doesn’t quit earlier than the deadline. once more, the code is provider-unique, so you need to contact your provider company to enquire about it.